OK so I have 23min to post…the exact time of Entourage on Demand.  Man I will miss HBO when I move…

Nick and I just got back from trivia night.  We did alright for a team of two.  Some wins and some losses.

On to the day!


003Cottage cheese with balsamic, grapes, carrot and tempeh apple butter banana sami.  Oh and an Adora disk!

004tempeh is really starting to grow on me and I am looking forward to trying other recipes with it.  I tried the wild rice kind and I enjoyed it more than the regular.  I think it is like tofu…all in the marinade.

I had a oat bar and seltzer before yoga today.  My new favorite pose is pigeon.  Wow how that opens my hips and lots of leg stretching.

Trivia started at 8pm so Nick and I need something quick and easy.  I made pesto pasta.

005In the pesto I had : garden basil, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, parm, EVOO, S&P.

Also in to bowl: Barilla plus pasta, white beans, garden tomatoes, parm, cuc and a little bit of chicken.

006AND onto trivia!

007Blue Moon to start the night and then I switched to one more PBR and water from there on out.  Nick and I also shared a homemade ice cream cake with oreo cookie crusts.

008This was really good, but not very good for me…at least we split it and whatever it was really good and I enjoyed it.  I kind of want to try making an ice cream cake by myself with fro-yo??? Any thoughts??? Ideas???

OK time for sleep and night night!

See you on the flip side!


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