Waffle Love

Is it really only Wednesday???  I feel like it should at least be Friday.  I guess it is just wishful thinking.  I put my feelers out to BARCS yesterday about running for them in the the half marathon.  We will see if they return my call.

At least the weather has cooled down around these part to normal August in Maryland, which is sticky, but I will take it over ice storms!

I am starting to slowly clean out the fridge for the move, and I am starting with the freezer.


0012 Nature’s Path Flax Plus Waffles, almond butter, Nature’s Path Flax flakes, ground flax, naner and cherries!  Lots of Nature’s Path on the menu.

002MmmMMmmMMM waffles are delicious!  Great way to start the day!

Ah, I just saw that the Olympics are only 6 months away! So exciting. I love the Olympics!

What is your favorite Olympic sport?  I think mine is swimming in the summer and bobsled in the winter.

Enjoy your Hump Day! 🙂


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