Crabs and Sweet Tea

Great Weekend!!!

Lets back it up a bit…Friday was pretty easy no one was in the office due to summer Fridays.

Friday lunch

001Bison burger salad with asian long beans, peppers, carrots and spicy brown mustard.  Along with a yummy white peach, cherries and mandel bread.


Snack was a little bit out of the usual because I was out of oat bars (!!!)

005006I love fishes cause they’re so delicious! Gunna go fishin!  Such a childhood favorite, but not the best nutrition.

Friday night we went to the Oriole game so I had to get together yet another to go dinner.

007WW flax tortilla with tofu, jalapenos, peppers and feta.  Apples and cherries, and half a luna bar that I split with Nick.

008009The Orioles actually won!  And Nick and I were on the kiss cam! Hee hee 🙂

010We met up with Nick’s roommate from college for a couple beers and then called it a night.

SATURDAY was Crab Day!

Breakfast was light because I thought I was about to go running, but it ended up being about 3 hours…

011Toast with PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and some banana.

Unfortunately I ended up running at high noon on a very hilly road against a lot of traffic.  IT WAS REALLY HARD!

  • 5.5 miles
  • 52min
  • average HR 184
  • max HR 194 (!!!)

I almost died out there!  I came back to the field that Nick was playing his game on and downed a nalgene of water.  On the car ride home I ate about 3/4 of this Clif bar to replenish until 3pm crabs.


013I also had a Shock Top to the left. With about 5 crabs???  I kind of lost track.

014After crabs we headed over to Nick’s Uncle’s house on the creek.

018015I love this picture of Nick and I!

We went swimmin’ and on the boat to a tiki bar up the creek.


I love this idea of a sweet tea drink in a Mason jar.

023Nick’s Uncle and I with Senor Patron (Nick’s stellar photo taking skills)

026Sunset through the Key Bridge to end the night.  And after some interesting conversation with the rest of the group, Nick and I headed back into the city.

Sunday has been much more relax, but I will be back with that later!

Hope every had a super weekend!


One Comment on “Crabs and Sweet Tea”

  1. Mama Beans says:

    Kiss cam and a win! Very cool! Nice spot – Nick’s uncle’s house…too big for me though…love, moma beans…

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