New Saucy

So I am super jealous of all who attended the Healthy Living Summit in Boston this past weekend.  It made me miss the the big bean even more!  Thank God Southwest is starting to fly to Logan after the summer!

Work is slllloooowww right now, so the morning was kind of like molasses.

Like I said I had no idea what to make for lunch…this is what I came up with…


Kashi TLC honey sesame crackers with a laughing cow wedge, cottage cheese with balsamic, red pepper humus with carrots and peppers, and some unsweetened apple sauce.  Man I love apple sauce.  Why would you ever add sugar to it?  Sooo sweet alone and pure 🙂  Reminds me so much of my childhood, what about you guys?

004Don’t diss my carrot butt.  I also do not peel my carrots, just wash.  No need to really peel when they are organic.  Right?

I came home and grabbed a homemade fig/date bar with mixed nuts and rolled in oat bran.

005006The only bad thing about having these delicious things in my house is that I want to eat the whole giant piece right now!  Have you ever tried your had at these?  They are super easy and amazingly similar to Larabars, which I have to buy wisely due to price 😦 .


Gymbo – 45min sweaty spin sesh, arms and core.


Nick came over for dinner.  Before leaving for the gym I marinated two chicken thighs in Dijon mustard, garlic, Worcestershire, EVOO, S&P, red chili pepper flakes and honey.***edit there was also the juice of one lemon in there!***

007paired with grilled eggplant and couscous with FM basil, feta and kalamata olives.

008009010This sauce is the leftover marinade heat up and drizzled on top.  I will be using it again.  I bet it would make a tasty pasta sauce.

I haven’t made up my mind If I will be having anything for a little dessert.  I may get peer pressured into some fro-yo 😉

Yay for Monday being over!

What is a new sauce that you have tried lately???


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