My Old Connecticut Home

Making this short because I just got home and want to spend time with the madre.

Work went by quickly today due to tons dumped on my plate late yesterday.  I had to get a package to EPA today, and was able to get to the mail room 20min before closing.  Score!

In between running around like a crazy person I managed to eat some lunch

003[wow this pic just took forever and ever to load] but we have here a apple butter and tempeh sandwich on a arnold thin, salad with cuc, carrot, hummus and balsamic, last of the canary melon and an adora dark disk.

004After being able to breath around 3:30 I grabbed a handful of almonds to tied me over until my planned snackage in the car.

005I love when you get a nut that sort of tastes like marzapan!

I headed out on my journey home directly after work prepared for lots of traffic.  Surprisingly there really wasn’t much and all I could think about was my favorite Clif bar sitting in my bag.

006I opened and ate this much earlier then I had planned but it held me until my late mini meal at home.  I also grabbed a grande (in a venti cup for lots of milk adage) iced coffee with skim while I gassed up.

007When I finally arrived home 4 hours later (not bad, just an extra 30min for a little traffic) Mom had some homemade green salsa, by Lauren and chips waiting.  This salsa was so fresh and summery!

008My mom has been growing tomatoes but is allergic so I said, “yes please” and added half to my tasting plate!

009so meaty and delicious!

I also had some leftover green beans in mustard and dill, grilled chicken and avocado.

010Just what I needed!

011Alright time to go watch some trash TV with mom before hitting the hay!

Night All!


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