Caw! Went the Chocolate Lobster.

Oh what a beautiful day!

I got to go to Kent, CT!  Yay! Where my high school was and hang out with mama.

We started the day off with Nature’s Path flax flakes, that my mom got for me :), vanilla stoneyfield, bare naked granola, peach and blueberries.



I also had some grapefruit guice and coffee.  Check out the morning glories that opened while we were eating!

001002After breakfast we were off to get my emissions checked and then off to Kent! p.s. Ayche passed with flying colors!

006I love my high school!  How do you remember yours?

007Mom walking along the path outside my dorm freshman year.

So apparently The Ravens were all over Kent today?!?!!?!  Check out all Ravens I found today!

008009010011That is a lot of Raven!  My mom saw a doormat from the road, but we didn’t stop.

For lunch we went to the Blu Grill aka the nicest place in town.  Our beloved bakery has closed down in the poor economic times 😦

012I got the open faced cuban with pulled pork, ham, pickle and cheese.  It also came with a side salad.

013A bit too much mayo-sauce, but otherwise very tasty.  I also had a bite of my mom’s portabello burger with peppers fresh mozzarella and summer squashes.

014015For dessert we had to head to Kent Coffee and Chocolate, which is actually owned by my high school bf’s aunt.

After about 20min of trying to figure out what to get, I settled on a nutella cup and a dark chocolate graham.  I put mom’s frozen cap in the pic too!

016After chocolate we went for a walk down by the Housatonic River that runs right along the banks of my school.

017MmmMMmmMMMmmmm nature!

Around 2 we bid farewell to Kent and headed home just in time for a giant t-storm to pass through.  We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some dinner supplies on the way and I saw these!

018Quail, Ostrich and duck eggs!  Crazy!

Once the rain had passed I set off on a run that I thought was going to be about a 10k, but it got really messed up so I ended up running for 55min so I am guessing 6miles +.  I felt really good the whole time so I was excited about that!

People were coming over for dinner so I drank some coconut water to rehydrate and hopped in the shower.

022So what I had to do next was really inhumane is some people’s opinion, but having worked in a fish market I found nothing wrong with it.  I won’t show you all the details, but lets just say I had to chop live lobsters in half and rip their arms off.  Mom couldn’t watch.

021Sorry for the blur….while these cooked on the grill I munched on some figs + goat cheese along with some chips and guac.  I also had a glass of Rose that was being passed around.

019020After about 15min the lobsters were ready from the grill.  I enjoyed 1 tail and 2 claws plus some yummy salad that mom made for dinner.

023024These lobsters were so delicious!  Especially dipped in lemon butter.  These were the first and prob the last lobsters for me of the summer…sad we used to eat so many in Maine 😦

For our sweet end, my mom’s friend Dean chopped up a fresh pineapple and I coated mine in dark chocolate syrup.

025Yum!  Dark chocolate is amazing on anything!  OK so I was told maybe not on lettuce tonight, but you never know!

Tomorrow I am tackling re-packing everything for the new apt that we have in the basement.  Bah!  No fun!

Night All!

Wow my home posts are so much longer than normal ones!

Do you find that you do more cool things when you travel home?


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