Tomatillo! Hola!

We had crazy thunderstorms last night!  I could see the lightening through my eye lids!  I don’t know what time the storms rolled though but it was still raining when I woke up.  I was worried that the farmers market would be canceled, but it cleared up by the time we had eaten breakfast and gotten out the door.

I had some oats!

001With blueberries, peach, Bare Naked granola and crunchy almond butter.

002After the market mom and I hit the Ave. and I got a white shirt.  Oh so exciting, I know!

When we got home, I set to work making the two things I know how to make out of tomatillos.  Green salsa and soup.

005009011In the salsa: baked…tomatillos, garlic, onions, jalapenos and fresh cilantro.

010In the soup: tomatillos, onion, cilantro, grilled chicken, jalapeno, garlic, okra, mushrooms, zuc, cumin and chili powder.

While cooking up a storm I snack on a piece of an Amazing Grass bar and some iced coffee.

006Once I had gotten salsa and soup put away mom and I sat down for some lunch.  I had Stoneyfield vanilla with FM raspberries and an open faced AB with fresh cut mango slices.

007008After the fuel we decided that we needed to tackle the basement and all of my boxes.  We got everything I “needed” to take back into 3 large boxes…not too bad in my opinion (we started with 6!)

I love purging all the crap I don’t need.  I still have all of my books from grad school that I don’t want to get rid of.  They make me feel smart when they are on my bookshelf, but for now they have to remain in CT 🙂

All of this packing made me a wee bit hungry, or maybe it was just thirst so I had another piece of the Amazing Grass bar and an honest tea.  These bars were not as bad as I was expecting, but they contain a ton of sugar!  Not really my cup of tea.

012Ok time to get ready to head over to a family friend’s house for a BBQ!  Hopefully the rain holds off!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


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