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Lets see, where did I leave you?  Oh yes we were heading to Rae’s house for dinner!

Mom and I made the green salad.

Heirloom tomato from mom’s garden.

001002Shredded snap peas, nasturtiums, marigolds, basil, purple pepper, cuc and 3 types of lettuce!

Rae had these awesome moon flowers on the way into the house!

003004We started off with some nibbles and wine.

005Cape Code Golden Russet Chips, homemade guac and there was also some great cheese and bruschetta to come!

006I was not a fan of this wine.  I little to sweet for my liking.  I gave the rest of mine to mom.

Dinner was amazing food.  Thank you again Rae!

007I love these candlesticks!

008There was tabbouleh, black bean and corn salad, roasted lamb and some warm crusty bread.  I also had a glass of red called “Fog”.

For dessert Rae had made homemade lemon mousse with berries.

009This was so light and fluffy!!!  I heart lemon!  We also had a dessert wine that was way, way too sweet for me.  I guess I like young grapes!

Overall the dinner was so delicious and full of good food!



This morning I woke up for a long run.  I had a little bit of water and the last third of my Amazing Grass bar and headed out the door for another 6mile + run.


I felt so good after this run!  I think I really am building endurance!  So excited to further next weekend!

After my run I had 1st breakfast with mom.

0111/2 a Chobani Pom flavor with berry granola and blueberries.  Then it was off to yoga!  There is a store on Greenwich Ave that has free yoga classes on Sunday mornings.  It was a total strength class and I was beat after it.

I had been wanting to try Robek’s – a fruit juice and smoothie bar chain.  I got a carrot, celery, spinach and banana juice with whey protein.

012I think they forgot the spinach!?!?!  It was bright orange I don’t think that would have happened with spinach in it.  Grrr it tasted like banana celery water.  Oh well, I drank it and it wasn’t that bad.

After packing up the car with stuff for the apt (!!!!) Mom and I sat down for some tomatillo soup that we made yesterday with some bread butts and a little honey cup mustard.

013Yummy!  Just enough spice.

I had half of a huge CT peach for dessert.

0145 hours later I was back home and starving!!!

I mixed up some applesauce with cinnamon and almond butter.  I also toasted some bread with tomato from my mom’s garden, parm and basil.

015016Alright I am off to unpack and get ready for another week of work, blah!

I will probably have some granola a little later, but we will see.

I hope every enjoyed their weekend!


One Comment on “Back to B-More”

  1. Erica says:

    So much fresh food in this post- makes me smile! What a great din din!!! I love mousse but have never had lemon mousse- sounds delicious. Glad you got a nice run AND some yoga in! What a healthy day 🙂 The toasty bread with veggies sounds right up my alley!

    I have no idea whats up with all the tats and piercings on Top Chef?? I can’t wait to watch this season unfold!

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