The Lion in the Senate

Senator Kennedy has passed.  I knew he was sick, but I thought he was doing better?  I wonder how this will effect the health care debate.  I know he was a huge pusher for Obama’s plan. And who will take over the Senate seat in Mass.?  He was speaking with others politically involved in Massachusetts, but I do not know enough about politics to know what happens in the case of a death during term.

Before I heard the new of the death of an icon I created a new breakfast!

I had bought some WW english muffins yesterday and wanted to test them out.  I however regret that I did not eat them in traditional fashion with jam…I wanted the nostalgia.

001I’m not saying these weren’t good though!  Toasted with almond butter and Nature’s Path pumpkin flax granola.

003I also had a dollop of plain Greek with blueberries and flax.

002Aw poor little wrinkly blueberry 😦  he still tasted good when I gobbled him up!

A few bright ideas to green your home from Real Simple to round out the day:

  • Seal electrical outlets in the exterior walls of your house
  • Install a high performance showerhead
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs (I have an issue on this due to the mercury content)
  • Wash clothes on cold water
  • Keep your blinds closed in the summer and open in the winter
  • Install a programmable thermostat

What do you do you improve your GREEN?


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