Hot Dog + Pickles

Busy day up in Baltimore town.  Lots of stimulus work with three more pushed into action!  Get those jobs creatin!  There is actually lots going on with the state with furloughs and cut backs.  We are moving and people are losing their jobs…crazy times!

At least all of this hub-bub made the day go by quickly.  I got a brief break for lunch and some blog reading.

003Roll-Up wrap (I am starting to like like these better than flat out wraps, less rubbery texture) with hard boiled egg, red pepper hummus and spinach.  One very large carrot, mango, blueberries and dark Adora disk.

004005Afternoon snacks included a baby CT plum, blueberry oat round, and black bean brownie…all not pictured.


Today was speed work and I really wasn’t feeling outdoor running…it was humid and I was feeling like my legs needs a little less stressful surface.

I did 4 miles of speed work: 5min warm-up at 6mph then alternated 1min sprints at 9mph, 2min at 6mph.  36min total.

Then I did leg strength, arms and core.


Sooo what was I craving?  Turkey dogs and pickles…yeah I don’t know.  I am blaming it on cleaning out the fridge.

So here is what came of the two.

006Bed of spinach with 2 slices turkey dogs, slices pickle, mustard relish, and mixed peppers.  I also had a piece of WW toast with some more amazing light Gouda TJs cheese!

007See there were peppers!

Now I am currently watching last weeks Project Runway and getting into bed.  It will be interesting to see how Lifetime takes the show.  Man Heidi is gorgie!!! And I love her family.

DOES ANYONE WATCH PROJECT RUNWAY?? I feel like I have been watching a lot of TV but it is really only 3 shows…they are my favorites though!


One Comment on “Hot Dog + Pickles”

  1. dailygoods says:

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE project runway! HATEEEEEE mitchell! hah

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