Last Call For Gelato

I am currently listening to the Cornell posts that Tina posted early and really enjoying it already!  Nick and I are staying in tonight to watch a movie and drink some vino.  We also hit up the gelato place in Canton for the last time before we move (maybe going back for a cannoli before we go 😉 )

I am getting ahead of myself…

Today was another crazy weird Friday at MDE.  We are moving finally to the 5th floor next week and some started moving today.  Then we came to find out that there have been mine living in some of the cubes we are moving into!  Like people were working there with the mice and never noticed.  GROSS!

For a slap together lunch I think I did pretty well!

003Almond butter with raspberry jam and naner.  Plain Chobani with blueberry granola, 1 orange and a TJs 100 cal 70% dark chocolate bar.

004These chocolate bars are really good and good portion control on the chocolate!

005This was a great way to make and AB and jelly!  I really liked the doughy english muffin.

I worked on some more reporting updates and listened to some more crazy stories from the 5th floor.

Afternoon snack included another blueberry oat round and a mini CT plum

006When I got home from work I was still a little hungry and decided to have my last black bean brownie.

007I will be making more of these once we move and I get to use my new gadget from my grandparents, but I reveal that then.


I ended up running the same 6.5 miles as Wednesday.  I finished 3 min slower!  My legs were def feeling the speed and weights from yesterday, but I got through it.  It wasn’t really tired, but I was more tight and sore in my hammies and quads.  Good thing tomorrow is a day off!


Dinner’s focus = move less.  Clean out some food from the fridge and cupboard.

009Rest of a box of Barilla Plus elbows, 1 sweet potato, parm cheese, 2 string cheeses, 1/2 purple onion, can of tuna, 2 basil cubes, nutmeg and spinach.  Baked for 15 at 350.

While this was baking I poured myself some Makers Mark and lime 🙂

008excellent sipping drink.

Nutmeg and basil actually go really well together!  I was really surprised!

OK finally to the gilato…

0101/2 peanut butter fudge and 1/2 amaretto.  Both delicious and soooo much better the Cold Stone.  Nick and I both agree we are never going back there.

Ok wine and movie time!

Yay weekend of organization to move is upon us!  I love organizing!


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