Late Awakening

When the alarm went off and I rolled over to look at the alarm clock it was already 7AM!  I had forgotten to re-set it from “Nick time” yesterday.  Now that I was running 45min behind I hurried to get dressed brew a pot of coffee, come up with something for lunch and mix up some breakfast.

Thankfully I had the bottom of the Chobani 16oz tub to use as a breakfast base.


I had 1/4 cup of everything…Greek yogurt, milk, kashi heart to heart, Uncle Sam, Nature’s Path flax flakes and Natures Path Cinnamon Blueberry.  I also had 3/4 banana, 1 CT white nectarine and some blueberries.


All mixed up and ready to be shoved in my mouth as I sent this pictures to myself in order to get this b-fast post up as soon as I got to the office.  Now I had to get off this thing and get started on work.  Talk about blog dedication!

Happy Friday Everyone! 🙂


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