8 Miler

After breakfast I set to work packing up the kitchen.  I don’t even have 1/2 my kitchen stuff in this house and yet I have so many bags packed!  To fuel me through the packing I made a red and green or I guess brown smoothie.  Frozen raspberries, baby spinach, vanilla protein powder and skim.

007After cleaning packing and organizing I need some veg time with the movie “The Hulk” and an english muffin with PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl.

008Once fully digested I went out for my first 8 mile run ever!  Isported my new hat and brought 3 Clif Shot Blocks for the road.

010Haha I look creepy in this picture!

011I liked these…a little more jelly then gummy I think, and sticky.  They need some sort of dry powder so they could be thrown in a pocket without the plastic wrap.

THE RUN – I made it and it went really well!  Once I got to mile four everything was moving easily and I knew I was going to be able to do this!  It feels so amazing to be able to run this far.  I used to think 3 miles was the furthest I could ever run and now I have more than doubled that!

Post recovery drink I wanted to try out.

012I mixed 1/2 this pouch with leftover coffee from this morning and milk.  I think I needed the full packet to get the chocolate flavor, but we will see how sore I am in the morning.

Check out this chard that I got at the farmers market!

013Yum, bright colored greens!

Along with my chard I cooked up some wheat berries and mixed them with FM tomato, yellow pepper, cuc, Mrs. Dash original blend and parm cheese.

015This was actually really good and super simple to make.  I always forget about my little wheat berries.

014All together.

I think I am off to have a chocolate vitatop and some coffee fro-yo, ya know got to clean out the freezer 😉

Ugh is tomorrow really Monday?!?  At least I only have a four day week.

Have a super rest of your evening!


2 Comments on “8 Miler”

  1. […] had leftover wheat berry salad and chard along with my first pear of the season from the […]

  2. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans…did you ever read A Separate Peace? I must have told you about it…it is one of my favorite books…my bookmark happens to be in the part where Phineas is training his friend to take his place in the ’44 Olympics…” my lungs were fed up with all this work, my knees were boneless” it goes on…”then for no reason at all my body felt magnificent…an accession of strength came flooding through me..I lost myself, I broke into the clear…says Phineas “you found your rhythm, the third time around…yes, right there…seems that is where you are heading with your running! Awesome…and be careful! Love, Moma Beans…better make my reservation for the big weekend!

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