New Kicks

Is the weekend really almost over again?  I feel like just started!  The worst part is, is that I didn’t get my to-do finished.  I guess I will have to do most of it this Friday before I pick up our keys!!!

So yesterday, I did get something completed.

After a little lunch of flat out wrap with AB, apple butter and banana.  I also had 2 carrots with pine nut hummus.

001I also had a little coffee milk through a straw.  I used to drink milk with a little bit of coffee in it when I was a kid and this reminded me of that.

002After loading 3 bags of my stuff to take to Good Will I headed up to Nick’s Dad’s house to do an overhaul of all of his clothes.  In total we had 7 huge bags dropped off for donation and countless bags of trash.

A big sigh for less crap in our lives!

I then set off to get myself a new pair of runners!

006Asics Gel Nimbus 11 meeting Gel Nimbus 10.  The shoe hand shake.  Can’t wait to get these going later today!

Once I got home I had about 45min to shower and get ready to go to Fed Hill for the Raven game.  I packed my dinner to go in plastic so I didn’t have to worry about Tupperware.

003Leftover tuna and noodles with extra spinach balsamic and a slice of harvest bread.  I also had a huge nalgene of unsweet iced tea to mix for 2x sweet tea vodkas during the game.  I alternated mixed drinks with h20 and got some seriously strange looks from people for drinking water.

We weren’t planning on going out, but the gents really wanted to get some frozen ravens.  yeah gross in my opinion.  I am not a frozen sugar drink person, but they love them!

004We ended up getting home way too late due to the fact that my dance partner Garrett accused us of being party poopers and always leaving when people head out to the bars.  Honestly the bars are hot, drink and expensive.  Not really a place I like to go but the single men looooove it.


This morning I finally got out of bed around 9:30 and wanted an omelet.

0052 eggs, milk, S&P, green salsa, yellow peppers, mexican cheese blend.  I also had 1/2 of a white peach and coffee with skim.

It is beautiful day out!  Too bad I need to finish packing/cleaning.  I am going to open up all the doors and windows to get some fresh air in this place.  It reeks of AC.  Gross.

Check ya later!


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