Biggest Losers in the Office

It’s Top Chef night!  Do the happy dance. :)  I missed last weeks due to sleep being more important so I am switching times and working 1 week behind.  This way I can go to bed.  We are smart cookies 😉

So I am not going to bore you with anything about work today except for the fact that I finally moved into my cube!  Only a month late!  Maybe I will give you some time soon.  It is really exciting, ha!

Oh one thing happened today at work that was really cool…our office Biggest Loser club asked me for some nutrition advice for their weight loss group.  I was so excited, but I am super nervous!  I made sue to let them know I am not an R.D. just well read and have ideals about food.  I think I am going to start but asking one thing each of them needs help with/ wants to know about.  I will add their questions to the blog, but keep the names anonymous.  Thoughts??  Tomorrow is the first weigh in, and they are paired in teams of two just like Biggest Loser!

FOOD! That’s amour!

005 Leftover spaghetti squash and sauce from last night.  Some juicy cantaloupe and a piece of whole wheat Anadama bread.  Like my water spotted paper towel.

006 Yummy parsley on top!

Right before leaving for the day I had the other half of my peanut butter pretzel Clif bar from yesterday and yep a seltzer.

007 When I got home it was time to get my run on!  I went for about a 9-10 mile run.  I still need to put it into  The first 5 miles were really hard.  My right leg was like a rock and not fluid.  I was kicking myself for not have a better pre run snack.  It seemed to work itself out on my second time around he hill.  Don’t worry, I slammed a spiced pear muffin and some coconut water.  There wasn’t even enough time for a picture.  It seemed to do the trick and I jumped in the shower.

**Note:  Why is there no new Top Chef tonight!!!****

I had shrimp, couscous and beans on the meal plan.  One problem, I thought I had white beans.  No worries I used pinto beans because they have a similar texture.  I used a recipe from Real Simple that involves lemon, parsley and onions with the other ingredients.

009 It came out nice and lemony, just the way I like it!

I also had a side salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and feta cheese with balsamic.  Salad plate portion sizes…too bad Nick is not as big a fan of beans as I am and I ended up killing his off 🙂

008 I was still hankering for something sweet so I went to the freezer for a minty treat.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and an earl grey tea.

010 Like the bite size pieces?  Isn’t everything better bite size?  I squished out the ice cream and licked it off around the edges just like old school ice cream sandwiches.

OK well no Top Chef tonight…grrrrr I guess that means early to bed for this girl!

Night All!


Pumpkin Pie

So it is official Tracey is crazy!

I know last night’s Biggest Loser seemed really emotional with the two teams up for elimination, but for some reason I wasn’t feeling it.  I was more upset that a 447lbs person could only loose 6 lbs in a week when small contestants could loose double digits.  It is great that Shay did loose that much, don’t get me wrong, I just thought it could be a lot more.  I still do love Daniel.  He is so positive and really should be the new spokes person for the Biggest Loser.  Last but not least props to the Red team for both loosing over 100lbs each at home during the update!

Onto the food!

Returned to the oat bran this AM.

But fist I need to make a comment about my pumpkin pie coffee brought to you by…

001 I know, I know, I know…this is not the most natural thing ever, but it is cheaper than those pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks!  Sprinkle with Cinnamon, yum!

002 OK I feel better after that confession…back to the oat bran.004

  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • 1/3 cup h20
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 cup plain Stoneyfield
  • 1/4 Country Pumpkin granola
  • spoon of almond butter
  • drizzle honey

003 I might have to make yogurt on hot oats a regular event.  So tangy! 

Chilly willy outside!  Don’t forget your jackets this morning!

Half way there!

See you tonight!

Biggest Loser Week 3

It is Biggest Loser night!  Who is excited?  This girl!  Two hours seems to be a little long but when the second hours starts I feel like it just started?!?!  It will be interesting to see if they have the “week two slump”  in week three because they were pushed so hard last week.  OK enough Biggest Loser, wait, hold on, I love the trainer tips during the commercials.  Anyone else?

8 hours earlier…I was at work gettin things done loving senior stimulus.

At least I had a stellar lunch planned!

004 I had some lovely carrot sticks with hummus quartet, sliced small gala apple, and some leftover plantains.  AND last but not least…da da da da!  I had a WW mini bagel with cranberry apple chutney, almond butter and a 1/4 piece of tempeh.  Very nice if I do say so myself!

005 006 This lunch was a bit larger than the usual so it held me over pretty well and I ended up only having 1/2 of the snack I planned.

007 So these bars are most likely my favorite…peanut butter and pretzels?!? hello delicious.  I even found a peanut butter filled pretzel in the 1/2 I was enjoying with my usual seltzer.

008Like the nail color?   It is called “midnight in Moscow” by O.P.I.


Today was yoga day with Sicily!  She seems to like to crawl all around me and lay on my stomach while I do the moves.  I wish I could get a picture but that would be really hard to set up the camera and not move her.  I did 47min on demand and then yoga.core.strength.  That core track is so hard!  It is only 8min of hell, but amazing!


Note: I love Jillian!  “Not the brightest bulb!”

Tonight’s menu was spaghetti squash!  I love this squash!  So unique and interesting the way it comes out looking like pasta.  I cooked in the mirco for 8 min on high covered with plastic wrap then thrown in the oven for 30min at 300.  If you just put it in the oven it can take up to an hour! 

When I used to make this I just used regular tomato sauce and a few turkey meatballs.  Now this is what it looks like…


And in the mix.  A little less than 1/2 a spaghetti squash, 1 mini meat/lentil loaf defrosted, lentils and brussel sprouts from Sunday, stemmed broccoli, a little bit of organic sugar free tomato sauce, fresh parsley from the garden and some parm crumbled on top.  A bit different eh?  I also had the rest of my 1/2 of squash after I finished this plate!



I also had a glass of regular unsweetened from my medieval times cup.  I went there for my birthday last year with Nick.  It was actually really fun when you got into it!

011 Update:  Tracy is crazy!  And I really want a cupcake…

I will have to debate this cupcake…or a chocolate raspberry tofu pudding cup!

Biggest Loser is calling…did I mention Tracy is crazy?  Anyone else think so?

First Response

There is something going down this morning at the apt complex.  Some fire crew and medical staff just showed up at the building next to mine and I hear more sirens coming.  I hope everyone is OK and they just burned their morning bagel or something.

Two more vehicles just showed up a bus and another fire truck.  I feel like such a peeping tom right now, but I want to know what is going on!  Please excuse my screen, Sicily and I were spying!

001 Well even though all of this was going on I still needed to eat some breakfast!

I had been neglecting my oat bran lately so I started with that as a base a the remainder of my Stoneyfield plain.

002 1/3 cup oat bran, 1/3 h20 and almond milk, 1 spiced pear muffin crumbled, big scoop of plain yogurt, 1 naner, small amount of pumpkin granola and a drizzle of almond butter.  I al still eating this and I don’t know if I will be able to finish it.

003 It surely full of fall deliciousness!  I actually really like the tart yogurt on the hot oat bran.

The first response cars are still outside so that worries me.  I really hope everyone is safe inside.

I am going to play with my baby before I have to leave.  I need to get one of those “save our pet too” decals to put on my door for Sicily.

****Ew the big E in Mass. has a sandwich made of a bacon cheeseburger between a honey glazed doughnut.**** Heart attack anyone?

Have a Super and Safe day!

Monday, not so Fun Day

Monday Done!

Always the best feeling!

How I Met Your Mother was pretty lame tonight, which kind of puts a damper on things.  I still need to pack lunches blah.  OK positive, positive!  I am making Nick go apple picking with me this weekend!  So that is something to look forward to.  They even have pick your own broccoli!  I am super excited, Nick not so much, but he is a trooper!

It was actually quiet around the office due to the holiday so I got work done without too many interruptions.  One of them was a delicious packed lunch.

003 Organic romain, leftover brussels and lentils along with a large dollop of spinach hummus.  I also had some kashi crackers and an orange.


Hummus blob!

Tick, tick, tick…slow moving afternoon and I couldn’t wait for my snack around 3:30.  My last 2 apricot carob oat rounds.  I thought I would never get to the end of them.

005 I also had a La Croix cranberry raspberry seltzer.

I took it easy at the gym today.  I was a bit sore from my run yesterday and my knees were bothering me a bit from the combo of dancing in heels and running 11 miles.  (Pause to get ice from freezer and place on knee)

I just did 30min on the ArcTrainer and 15min arm set and 15min core.  Just got the blood flowing and my arms really need some more work!

My knees actually felt better after I got it moving.

I got home relatively early due to my shorter workout so I was able to finish up the cleaning I didn’t get to yesterday…moping and bath room cleaning.  Oh the joy!

I had seen Meghann use the almond meal from TJs on chicken tenders and I thought it looked mighty good!

I doused mine in egg whites then a mixture of almond meal and garlic herb salt free spice.

007 It came out really well!  Just like healthier chicken tenders!  Nick enjoyed them too.  I also sautéed some mushrooms and onions in low sodium veggie broth and I baked triple summer squashes along with the chicken for 20min.

006 I had 1.5 tenders, a ton of veggies and a piece of WW Anadama bread with a bit of butter.  Yum, and different!  I am trying to make new things…getting kind of sick of the usual.

For dessert I had one of my exploded chocolate tofu bombs.

008 It was basically like a doughy chocolate pudding cup.

Time to go hang with my lady and man.  I hope she doesn’t wake us up at 5am again!

Night all!

Kitty Alarm Clock

So I guess my post last night never went up nor did it save…here are two of my favorite pictures from the array.

032 Photo booth photo shoot.  I loved this thing!

031 Sicily and Nick both love Sunday football, but for different reasons.

There was more but Sicily woke us up very early this morning and I really don’t have the energy to re-write the whole thing.  So sorry.

I think the fact that it is Monday does not help!

I need a little chocolate in my life this morning.  In steps a chocolate explosion cupcake that were in the post last night.

036 One of these were broken over some oats.

001 1/3 cup oats, flax, choco explosion cupcake, cut up plantains (made those last night too), country pumpkin granola, almond butter.

002Oh I also mentioned that the Ravens won last night and the Stealers loose!  Number 1 in he AFC north! holler!

Got to finish up my oats and play with my alarm clock kitty.

Have a good Monday!

Wedding Weekend

Kristin and Jerry got married last night!

BUT first I have a little catch up work to do.  Fast forward through a bunch of boring things…



Greek olive hummus, leftover sausage pasta, hard boiled egg and spinach, kashi crackers for dipping and a large peach.

002 Check out the recycled bowl use.

For my afternoon snack I had a tropical fruit tart Larabar.

003Not a fan of this flavor…way, way too sweet.  So far apple pie is still in the lead, but I still have PB&J to try.


Before going out for the night I did a nice long 9 mile run.  Two huge hills were involved and I ran with zero music.  Bring on the 1/2 baby!

  Friday night Nick and I headed into the city and once again were eating in the car…I got the powerhouse sandwich again, but this time I got 1/2 the turkey for some extra recovery protein…but they were out of sprouts and I went with banana peppers.

005 No where near as good.  I could not taste the delicious bread with the peppers.

Along with an arnold palmer and some super delicious soft chocolate chip cookies that I split with Nick.

008 Please excuse the very blurry pic…I was driving and Nick was taking the pictures.


Saturday morning I was going to get hair did and a manicure before the wedding.

Before heading out I checked the mail and got some Bear Naked cereal that I signed up for a while back…I’ll let you know how it is!


I also enjoyed a breakfast quesadilla.  WW tortilla with almond butter and peach.  Banana with Country Pumpkin granola.  COFFEE.

012 When I returned home I wanted to make some pear spice bread that I had found a recipe for.

OH so there is a canned pumpkin shortage due to the growing season being delayed this year FYI.

Back to the pears, and the KitchenAid!  I used this recipe but 1/2 it and added 1/2 a cup of WW flour for regular.  I also only used 1 tbs of oil and 3 tbs of apple sauce.

001 I made a thin loaf and six muffins.

003 Oh course I had to have a piece!

004 It was delicious and full of juicy pear!

I also needed to eat some normal food before heading out to the wedding.

002Two slices of Anadama bread toasted with spinach and melted light gouda with mustard.  I also had some carrot sticks and hummus.

Drive to wedding…

Arrive and meet up with some people for a beer in the parking lot!

005   Emily, Amy, Margaret, Meredith and Me.  Yes we are classy and drink in Citgo parking lots.

006 Emily and Joe…done by an Amy candid.

007 Nick and I in the lot.

We finally went to the church and it was a beautiful service for Jerry and Kristin, bubbles were blown and…then it was off to party!

008 009 Table 8!  My number!

010 I started off with some cheese and grapes along with a G&T.

011 House salad.

012 I also hit up the candy table for some dark chocolate delights…there were also a few milky way midnights eaten throughout the night.

018Pasta with veggies, steamed veggies with a ton of butter sauce, meatball and some more crackers.

 019021  almond sponge cake with strawberry filling.  It was delicious cake to dip in our Irish coffees later on in the night.

OK so now onto the pictures of the people!!

013  Amy (my roommate from college) and Jen (fellow 1/2 runner!)

022 Jen, me, Lindsay (pledge buddy!)

014 Emily, Joe and Meredith.

024 Nick and I being serious in embossed…thought I would try it out.

023 Bride and groom riding the train.

026 Amy and I in B&W

025 N&H

027 Bothe and David gettin down.

020 One more of Nick and I to end the night…

Great wedding and good times with long lost friends.  Miss you guys!


Finally catching up here…

We said good bye to Jen and Brian who stayed with us last night and then I cooked up some Sunday hot cakes!

028 cakes with almond butter, 1/2 pear with pumpkin granola.

Ravens are playing!  Get me off the machine!

See ya later tonight!