Carb Overload

So the move is almost over!  Well at least in the office it is.  Nick and I still have to move into our new apt this weekend!  I am going to be exhausted!

In another “good bye” gesture our old director brought us Panera bagels.  These bagels are so good.  Moist and chewy deliciousness.  I went from not having one (I was still pretty full of oat bean when they came) to having 1.5!  Whoops!  I had 1 whole wheat (which is awesome with millet and flax seeds) and 1/2 a cinnamon raisin.

003This is 1/2 of one of the whole what ones.

Due to my bagel overage I didn’t even think about lunch until 1pm, when I had only part of my lunch.

005leftover eggplant stacks and blueberries.

006I ate all of the eggplant and 1/2 the blueberries and was stuffed!

Check out what I found in the new break room!

004Score!  These are going in the “beach snack bag” for our vacation in two weeks.

Around 3 I finished my lunch blueberries and my piece if Struan with hummus.


The gym was kind of a disaster…I decided to warm up on the stepmill.  Around min 14 the mill started making the worst noise!  I had one min left in my warm up so I thought I would stick it out…um yeah I got a tap on the leg from a trainer telling me to get off.  There I was in the middle of the gym with tons of people getting yelled off the tallest machine in the gym…YIKES!  Well ya so after that I did my speed work on the treadmill but on hill setting and there was a smelly guy on the mill next to me.  Not the best day at the gym!


At least dinner was easy and I used up another thing in the freezer.  I had 4 turkey meatballs from a seriously long time ago (maybe December??) that I cut up and threw in a bowl with the rest of my eggplant bake.  I also added some jalapenos from the garden to change the flavor.

010Along with my bowl I made a salad of FM lettuce, mater, pepper and carrots.  I also made some delicious dressing in the bottom of my mustard jar.

009In here…spicy brown mustard, red wine vinegar, EVOO and S&P.

All together!

008I love making this dressing!  I am such a vinegar fan!

Ok time to get ready for some TOP CHEF!!!!!



One Comment on “Carb Overload”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Maters look so yummy…drat they I cannot eat them any more…eat some for me and enjoy! Love the pic…

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