Warm Blueberries

I saw a cat getting walked this morning on my run…

Before my run I had a piece of Struan bread with the last of the pumpkin butter and milk.

001I ran about 5 miles and I am glad that tomorrow is a day off.  My legs were seriously tight and sore, but I wanted to get a last run along the water in before the move.  We i returned I heated up another oats in the bottom of an almond butter jar that I had created last night.  My oats are packed!

003The coffee pot was also packed so I opted for quad berry tea.

002OK so blueberries are great, but warm blueberries are 10x better.  I really need to remember this!  The blueberries in my oats tasted like TJs blueberry spread, sooo delicious!

Off to pack up the car with the first load, shower and head up to the county.  Not sure when I will be reporting back in, but have a great weekend!!!!


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