Finally getting things settled around here.  I’ve taken a few pictures along the way.

001Moving lunch from the natural brothers food market.  Lentil burger wrap and grilled cheese with avocado.  The wrap was less than par, but the grilled cheese was pretty good.  Along with the sandwiches Nick and I spilt some BBQ chips and two honest teas.

003I also found a piece of pie hiding in Nick’s fridge!

004001I’ve been eating a lot of cereal and not getting enough fruits and veggies but I did really enjoy this peanut butter pretzel Mojo bar!

002I really enjoy sweet pretzels and peanut butter!

Oh look more cereal!

003At least I have my own bowls back!  North Carolina pottery!

OK well I am going to try and get back to normal posting very soon!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  I feel like it has been a whole week because we have done so much.  Off to target!


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