County Living

Wow what a weekend!  I feel like it has been so long since I have been to work…I am dreading tomorrow 😦  At least it is only two days of work and then Nick and I are off on our mini vacation to Bethany Beach.

I left ya at lunch yesterday, where after some lovely shopping at Target I came home to find these!

001Nick had gone to chipotle and saved me some chips and guac.  I love how they spray lime juice on their chips.  So tasty.

I also had a wrap of what we had in the house (I still had yet to get to the grocery store).

002003Flat Out wrap with 2 Dr. Prager spinach burgers, hummus and melty cheese!

After lunch I did a little more organizing of the apt…set up the office and organized my hanging clothes.  Then I headed out to the grocery store, and forgot to bring home eggs 😦  How does one forget such a staple!?

Once the groceries were away I slammed a liter of water to get some hydration before my long run and I also had a handful of mix nuts + 2 fig newmans.

004I took myself to the trail near our new apt, the NCR.  This trail is just what I needed.  I was so stressed and bottled up all weekend working on the apt.  I just need to let loose.  I ran about 8 flat miles, which was cool with me because there are plenty of hills around for me to get those in on other days.  The trail was so peaceful.  There were families on bikes instead of homeless people and dirty buses.  At around mile 2 I turned off my ipod and just listened to my steps and breathing for the remaining 6.  There was something seriously relaxing about running through woods and just breathing.  I can’t wait to run 10 next Sunday after the Ravens first game!!!!!!!

Anyway, after my run Nick and I were finally able to open the celebratory champagne!

005And I got to make out first meal in the new apt.  Nothing big, we were sooooo sleepy.  Baked chicken is lemon and herbs, asparagus and couscous with cherry tomatoes.

006Hello yellow plates!  Oh how I have missed you!

And we used the napkins my mom had sent us a while back!

007After dinner we headed out to meet a few people for drinks.  I was so tired the whole time, but I was a trooper and stayed out way past my bed time!

This AM I got to sleep in until 9AM and made myself some french toast and cafe au lait before heading to the gym.

009 I got to go to the gym with Nick!  Strange to have a workout buddy, well actually he is more like a drive to the gym buddy.  He went to play b-ball while I jumped onto the ArcTrainer for 30min and watched Regis and Kelly.  I honestly miss daytime TV…I know, sad.  After the AT I did some arms and core.  This new gym is so much different than my gym in the city.  There is a lot less spandex and orange people…me gusta.

Once we returned home we didn’t have much time before we had to head out to Nick’s mom’s house for a Labor Day cookout.  I had an apple while running out the door.

010baby apple, perfect for kiddies lunches!

We were the first to arrive and sat some to some iced tea and chips and salsa.  I controlled myself with the chipies because I had seen some cupcakes on our way in!

There was plenty of food for the main courses as well.

011vegetarian baked beans (soooo delicious! I love beans!)  pasta salad, veggie burger with everything but the bun, 2 deviled eggs and a very large pickle!

And then came the cupcakes!

012These were cinnamon maple oatmeal with caramel frosting.  So delicious, I had two.

Serious fullage after all this food!

I wasn’t really hungry for dinner due to the fact that we ate late, but I knew I needed something so I didn’t go to bed hungry.

I opted for a Pineapple Chobani with kashi H2H and some mixed nuts.  Along side I had some iced tea.

013Whew, long weekend.

Nick and I are off to watch a moooovie on our new TV!  I hope everyone had a good one and tomorrow is so too, too hard of a reality.  I feel like it will be for me.


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