Wrong Turn

Today was crazy…Report, meeting, update report, meeting…and the day went on like this.  Tomorrow is going to be just as busy, but as of 4:30pm I am off for another long weekend!

We got new bookcases today at work so that was exciting.  It pays to work in the money sector of the department I guess.  You should have seen the people rushing to take our old stuff.

I took a break for lunch around 12:30

003Salad with mix organic greens, carrot, cuc, mater, hummus, swiss and balsamic.  Plain Cobani + peach and an oat maple cinnamon cupcake.

004005006I honestly think the frosting makes these cupcakes…without it they would just be muffins.

My afternoon went by pretty smoothly and before I knew it 4:00 came around.  I had no oat bars etc to pack as a snack so I had to reach into my beach snack bag 😦

007Sample pack of Kashi TLC and a seltzer had a party with my calculator.

I had to go to Canton to pick up my toaster oven that I had forgotten and drop off my key.  I got home around 5:30 and headed out for a planned 5 mile hill run…which turned into about an 8 mile run with one very wrong turn!  I kept waiting and waiting for my turn off and it never came.  After 35min and reaching the highway, I knew I had missed something.  I knew where I was but I decided to turn around and go back the way I came.  It ended up being a 1:10min run so I am guessing around the 8 mile mark. I WAS NOT prepared to run that far!  I had no snack and was aching when I got home.  I jumped in the shower and started dinner.

Organic pork chops marinated in champagne and topped with apple and onion chutney, green beans and Tjs harvest grains.

009010Can’t see the pork?  That is because Nick told me he wanted no fruit with his pork.  I personally love it!  So fall like!  1 small Gala apple, onion, thyme and cinnamon.

I also had the remaining champagne in a glass.  surprisingly still very bubbly after 2 days.

011Alright I am probably going to have 1/2 a cupcake and some POM chip ice “cream” while packing and watching Nadal loose!  I heart RF.  I do not enjoy Capri pants on men.

Have a great night All!


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