It’s Kickball Season!

Tonight was the first night of kickball for the fall season and it was a nail biter.  Top of the 6th down by 2 runs (we play 7 innings) and we got 3 runs in!  Way to win.  Our team seems to have better chemistry this year so it should be a good season.

Kickball also means eating fast at home or on the road.  When Nick mentioned the Wine Merchant to me, I was sold.  I didn’t really have anything quick planned for dinner either so it was a no brainer.

I ended up getting the power house.

011 Lettuce, tomato, cuc, sprouts and Munster on multigrain bread with a peppercorn spread.  I am not really sure where the “power” is supposed to come from, there is no real big source of protein to my knowledge.  I was good none the less and the bread was extra delicious.

I had my sami with some cape coders and an Arnold Palmer.

010 Big fan of this flavor chip…oh New England I miss you in the fall.

012 Classic flavor combo that I actually first learned about in Arizona at a dude ranch.  A dude ranch? yes actually where they filled “Hey Dude”.

I am off to enjoy some tea and hit the hay.  Night all.  Tomorrow is Friday!!!!


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