Mr. Kitty is Coming!

So I would be cool having afternoons.  The second I got home I got on my sweats and made up a hot cup of Bavarian berry tea.  I also switched up my afternoon snack to include a banana with peanut butter.

009This PB has salt in it and I can totally taste it, yuck.  I will have to bake with it or something and not add salt to the recipe.

As I sat enjoying my snack there was a knock at the door.  The UPS man was here to deliver a package from my grandparents!


006 007


They sent me all of their cat stuff!  They no longer have cats in their life so they wanted to pass down some dishes and a very plush carrying case.  Check out the in flight wing the cat racked up!  The “cats are people too” bowl has been in my family since I was very little, probably before I was born.  Not sure when the other waving cats bowl came into play.  There are actually two of them, but one broke in shipping :(  Nothing a little super glue can’t fix I do believe.  The interior of the bowl did not crack so I think the cat will be safe from the clay.

So before I could come home for my afternoon I had to get through 4 hours of work.  It seemed to fly, and I had part of my lunch at 11:30 so I wouldn’t be starving during my drs appointment.

003 Salad with leftover tortellini, tomatoes, carrots and greek olive hummus.  I also had my little tub-o-nuts!

004Mixed nuts! Love, love, love!

Time to finish off my tea and head to the gym for some speed work and legs/arms lifting.

Enjoy your afternoon!



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