Brown Friday

Good Morning Everyone!  Welcome to Friday!  It is purple Friday around these parts for the Ravens, but I am already dressed and don’t plan on switching.  I will have to remember next week.  CAW!

I can’t believe I am getting a cat tomorrow!  I am so excited the day is almost here!

Chilly morning make me want oats, and I don’t really have anything else 😉

It was the end of my favorite almond butter flavor 😦

001 Out of the three I got in a sample pack, I think this would be the only one I would buy again.  So delicious!

I had sort of a brown theme today in my bowl.

002 1/2 cup oats + oat bran mix, 1/2 cup h20, 1/2 cup skim, 1 banana, big sprinkle of cinnamon, handful Nature’s Path flax flakes, last of the Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter (tear).

003It all mixed very well together!

So this Samurai sword case in Baltimore is kind of crazy!  He might face charges for cutting of the guys hand, but the man was a known felon (29 actually).  It just confuses me why someone would have a samurai sword at school?  I know that neighborhood is not safe, but still!

Ugh state budget goes to the hearing at the Department of Budget Management today…more budget cuts?!?!?!

Got to jet!  8 hours of work to the weekend baby!


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