To Much on My Plate

Hello all!  How is your weekend going?  I am sort of stressing out about fitting in a long run early today.  Do you ever get into a mind set of when you need to go running and it becomes easier for you?  That is how I am feeling but, the Ravens are playing at 4:15 so going after game would mean running in the dark and I am not down for that.  Oh well I will figure it out.  I also need to run a bunch more errands and I want to bake something today.  I do have an issue with putting to many non vital things on my plate.  Thank God for Nick because he always seems to put these things in perspective for me.

Backing up to last night.  We went downtown to hangout and I DDed.  I really have no issues with this because I have read a lot about training for distance and alcohol consumption and they do not mix very well.

Unfortunately we had to have another meal in the car.

Baja Fresh

001 Veggie burrito in a bowl, no sour cream.  I also added more jalapeno and pico with cilantro.

002 _________________________________________________

This morning was pancake morning!

003 Multigrain pancakes with added flax, drizzle of almond butter, maple syrup, TJs country pumpkin granola  with a side of banana and coffee au lait.

004 OK I need to get going with my errands!  Yes these NEED to get done!

See you after the Ravens win!



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