Kitty Love

Another day, another dollar.

I could not wait to get home to the baby and it was so hard leaving her for both dinner and a run.  We are now chilling on the couch sipping some tea and getting some QT before Top Chef!


Work sort of dragged because I just wanted to be with my baby!  I kept wondering what she was doing all day.

Lunch was delicious and I ate devoured it!  Once I got the hummus of the lid.


004 Spinach salad with snap peas, avocado, maters and greek olive hummus.  Plain Stoneyfield yogurt with pumpkin granola and a 1/2 of a giant peach.

I also had a huge sugar craving so I hit up the candy jar for these two buets.

005 My great grandfather worked for the candy company in Boston that invented the Mary Jane before they were bought by Necco.  I was interested to see that the first ingredients in these were corn syrup and partially hydrated seed oils.  I was having a convo today with Katherine about what old time candy must have tasted like with unrefined sugars and no such thing as corn syrup.  We both agreed it was most likely delicious!

My afternoon was less than eventful and around 3:30 I reached for a snack attack!

006 2 apricot and carob chip oat rounds and a cran raspberry seltzer.  Really like this flavor!

When I got home I said HI to Sicily and then headed out for a 7 mile run.  I ran without music except for one song to start and one to end.  I have to get used to no music for the 1/2.  I wanted the run to be 9 miles, but Nick’s mom was coming over to take us to dinner and see the kitty so I had to cut it short.  It was still a good run and I made it on the roads without music.  I thought about a lot more things in my life.  Kelly seemed to start this trend.  I seem to think about everything in my life from Nick to my job and running.

When I got home Nick’s mom was already here!  She wasn’t supposed to be here for another 10min! gah!  Oh well, I quickly showered and we were out the door to the Corner Stable.  I forgot my camera but I had a grilled chicken sami on a Kaiser roll with L&T and mustard.  I also had a side of steamed veggies.  It was good wholesome food, which is what you get there.  They have really good ribs, but we are going to a wedding this weekend and I know I will be eating my share of cake then!  I also stole a bunch of Nick’s fries with vinegar.

OK off to hang with my man and lady.

See ya in the morning!



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