Still a Kitten

Good Morning!  We had a pretty easy night minus a few early morning wake ups to be played with.  She may be a year old but Sicily is still a youngin’.  She is actually 9 in human years.  She just wanted to rub, rub, rub and get scratched.  it was all good.  I would rather have a cat like this than one that hides under the bed all day.

None the less I was moving a little slow this morning and I am sort of running late…I don’t want to leave her 😦

I went with waffles and yogi for breakfast.


2 H2H waffles with almond butter and a little Nature’s Path Pumpkin flax granola.  Yogurt with apple sauce, 1/2 peach and the remainder of the granola.

002 This was a nice new twist for breakfast.

Ok off to spend a few more minutes with Sicily before I have to head out the door!

p.s. Was anyone else not that impressed with Biggest Loser last night?  If last week was too hard then this week was too soft.


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