Hello! Welcome to Thursday night!  It actually isn’t a super night because we lost at kickball, and the team was not in so much of a chipper mood when I left.  At least I had my lady to greet me at the door!

010 This is her current position and we are watching Bones!  Reminds me of Kelly (but I am sure she knows they get is all wrong!)

Before I could get home to my girl I had a seriously stressful day.  The EPA is coming for a visit soon and we have quarterly reports due so the day was seriously crazy!

I had to scarf down my lunch in between after calls with Region III.

004 WW wrap with avocado, spinach, egg, hummus (could have seriously used some hot sauce!)  I also had plain yogurt with pumpkin nola and a pear that got a bit beat up in the lunch box.

005 Still tasted good!

On the to kickball I had two of my apricot carob oat rounds (yes there are still a few kicking around).

006 I had planned on doing sprints before kickball, but due to me forgetting my clothes at home and tons of traffic, I did not get to the field in time.  I was seriously stressing out about this and I know I really shouldn’t be because it is one run!  Just one training run!  It will not kill me!  I know Megan has talked about this and Caitlin (Congrats to Caitlin again!).  I just tried to channel Nick the whole time and kept telling myself “I can’t change it, just roll with it”.  Love his calm outlook one time, sports are a different story. 🙂

Even though we lost our game I still had a good time hanging out with some good people.

When I got home I heated up leftovers that I had planned on eating and made a side salad.

007 3 min total.  Left over baked tofu and butternut squash.

008 Side salad with romain, garden mater, snap peas and feta.

009 Off to finish Bones, play with kitty and watch the new Office!

Good Night All!  Tomorrow is Friday!


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