Happy Purple Friday!

Sissy (Sicily’s Nick name that Nick gave her) is running around like a crazy person, but now she decided to chill on the couch and watch me type.  She actually watches you like she knows what you are thinking not with a blank stare like doggies.

This is her last night…no she is not dead!

001Shortly after I took this pic, I snacked on a flattened banana with almond butter.  I think Allison started this? and it was delicious!

002  Now back to breakfast!

I call this fruit bowl o’ layers

It started with yogurt…check out this lid!  (hmm guess you can’t really read it, but it says “more yogurt for your dollar and less plastic in a landfill” or something like that)


I posted a while back about how I was going to start buying large plain yogurt and make my own flavors and I guess Stoneyfield jumped on that too.  Pat on my back 😉

After the yogurt many a thing was added…

004 Layers = plain yogurt + banana + flax + pear + Uncle Sam + Kashi H2H + peach + almond butter + skim.

005 I swear all of those layers are in there.

OK time to get my duck boots on and head out the door, we are having some showers this morning.  Fingers crossed there are no accidents on the highway!




One Comment on “Layers”

  1. Holly says:

    that yog mess looks delicious – i love stonyfield because they are organic and doing fab things for the environment!

    a wedding this weekend – woowoo!

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