Wedding Weekend

Kristin and Jerry got married last night!

BUT first I have a little catch up work to do.  Fast forward through a bunch of boring things…



Greek olive hummus, leftover sausage pasta, hard boiled egg and spinach, kashi crackers for dipping and a large peach.

002 Check out the recycled bowl use.

For my afternoon snack I had a tropical fruit tart Larabar.

003Not a fan of this flavor…way, way too sweet.  So far apple pie is still in the lead, but I still have PB&J to try.


Before going out for the night I did a nice long 9 mile run.  Two huge hills were involved and I ran with zero music.  Bring on the 1/2 baby!

  Friday night Nick and I headed into the city and once again were eating in the car…I got the powerhouse sandwich again, but this time I got 1/2 the turkey for some extra recovery protein…but they were out of sprouts and I went with banana peppers.

005 No where near as good.  I could not taste the delicious bread with the peppers.

Along with an arnold palmer and some super delicious soft chocolate chip cookies that I split with Nick.

008 Please excuse the very blurry pic…I was driving and Nick was taking the pictures.


Saturday morning I was going to get hair did and a manicure before the wedding.

Before heading out I checked the mail and got some Bear Naked cereal that I signed up for a while back…I’ll let you know how it is!


I also enjoyed a breakfast quesadilla.  WW tortilla with almond butter and peach.  Banana with Country Pumpkin granola.  COFFEE.

012 When I returned home I wanted to make some pear spice bread that I had found a recipe for.

OH so there is a canned pumpkin shortage due to the growing season being delayed this year FYI.

Back to the pears, and the KitchenAid!  I used this recipe but 1/2 it and added 1/2 a cup of WW flour for regular.  I also only used 1 tbs of oil and 3 tbs of apple sauce.

001 I made a thin loaf and six muffins.

003 Oh course I had to have a piece!

004 It was delicious and full of juicy pear!

I also needed to eat some normal food before heading out to the wedding.

002Two slices of Anadama bread toasted with spinach and melted light gouda with mustard.  I also had some carrot sticks and hummus.

Drive to wedding…

Arrive and meet up with some people for a beer in the parking lot!

005   Emily, Amy, Margaret, Meredith and Me.  Yes we are classy and drink in Citgo parking lots.

006 Emily and Joe…done by an Amy candid.

007 Nick and I in the lot.

We finally went to the church and it was a beautiful service for Jerry and Kristin, bubbles were blown and…then it was off to party!

008 009 Table 8!  My number!

010 I started off with some cheese and grapes along with a G&T.

011 House salad.

012 I also hit up the candy table for some dark chocolate delights…there were also a few milky way midnights eaten throughout the night.

018Pasta with veggies, steamed veggies with a ton of butter sauce, meatball and some more crackers.

 019021  almond sponge cake with strawberry filling.  It was delicious cake to dip in our Irish coffees later on in the night.

OK so now onto the pictures of the people!!

013  Amy (my roommate from college) and Jen (fellow 1/2 runner!)

022 Jen, me, Lindsay (pledge buddy!)

014 Emily, Joe and Meredith.

024 Nick and I being serious in embossed…thought I would try it out.

023 Bride and groom riding the train.

026 Amy and I in B&W

025 N&H

027 Bothe and David gettin down.

020 One more of Nick and I to end the night…

Great wedding and good times with long lost friends.  Miss you guys!


Finally catching up here…

We said good bye to Jen and Brian who stayed with us last night and then I cooked up some Sunday hot cakes!

028 cakes with almond butter, 1/2 pear with pumpkin granola.

Ravens are playing!  Get me off the machine!

See ya later tonight!


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