Kitty Alarm Clock

So I guess my post last night never went up nor did it save…here are two of my favorite pictures from the array.

032 Photo booth photo shoot.  I loved this thing!

031 Sicily and Nick both love Sunday football, but for different reasons.

There was more but Sicily woke us up very early this morning and I really don’t have the energy to re-write the whole thing.  So sorry.

I think the fact that it is Monday does not help!

I need a little chocolate in my life this morning.  In steps a chocolate explosion cupcake that were in the post last night.

036 One of these were broken over some oats.

001 1/3 cup oats, flax, choco explosion cupcake, cut up plantains (made those last night too), country pumpkin granola, almond butter.

002Oh I also mentioned that the Ravens won last night and the Stealers loose!  Number 1 in he AFC north! holler!

Got to finish up my oats and play with my alarm clock kitty.

Have a good Monday!


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