Biggest Loser Week 3

It is Biggest Loser night!  Who is excited?  This girl!  Two hours seems to be a little long but when the second hours starts I feel like it just started?!?!  It will be interesting to see if they have the “week two slump”  in week three because they were pushed so hard last week.  OK enough Biggest Loser, wait, hold on, I love the trainer tips during the commercials.  Anyone else?

8 hours earlier…I was at work gettin things done loving senior stimulus.

At least I had a stellar lunch planned!

004 I had some lovely carrot sticks with hummus quartet, sliced small gala apple, and some leftover plantains.  AND last but not least…da da da da!  I had a WW mini bagel with cranberry apple chutney, almond butter and a 1/4 piece of tempeh.  Very nice if I do say so myself!

005 006 This lunch was a bit larger than the usual so it held me over pretty well and I ended up only having 1/2 of the snack I planned.

007 So these bars are most likely my favorite…peanut butter and pretzels?!? hello delicious.  I even found a peanut butter filled pretzel in the 1/2 I was enjoying with my usual seltzer.

008Like the nail color?   It is called “midnight in Moscow” by O.P.I.


Today was yoga day with Sicily!  She seems to like to crawl all around me and lay on my stomach while I do the moves.  I wish I could get a picture but that would be really hard to set up the camera and not move her.  I did 47min on demand and then yoga.core.strength.  That core track is so hard!  It is only 8min of hell, but amazing!


Note: I love Jillian!  “Not the brightest bulb!”

Tonight’s menu was spaghetti squash!  I love this squash!  So unique and interesting the way it comes out looking like pasta.  I cooked in the mirco for 8 min on high covered with plastic wrap then thrown in the oven for 30min at 300.  If you just put it in the oven it can take up to an hour! 

When I used to make this I just used regular tomato sauce and a few turkey meatballs.  Now this is what it looks like…


And in the mix.  A little less than 1/2 a spaghetti squash, 1 mini meat/lentil loaf defrosted, lentils and brussel sprouts from Sunday, stemmed broccoli, a little bit of organic sugar free tomato sauce, fresh parsley from the garden and some parm crumbled on top.  A bit different eh?  I also had the rest of my 1/2 of squash after I finished this plate!



I also had a glass of regular unsweetened from my medieval times cup.  I went there for my birthday last year with Nick.  It was actually really fun when you got into it!

011 Update:  Tracy is crazy!  And I really want a cupcake…

I will have to debate this cupcake…or a chocolate raspberry tofu pudding cup!

Biggest Loser is calling…did I mention Tracy is crazy?  Anyone else think so?


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