Biggest Losers in the Office

It’s Top Chef night!  Do the happy dance. :)  I missed last weeks due to sleep being more important so I am switching times and working 1 week behind.  This way I can go to bed.  We are smart cookies 😉

So I am not going to bore you with anything about work today except for the fact that I finally moved into my cube!  Only a month late!  Maybe I will give you some time soon.  It is really exciting, ha!

Oh one thing happened today at work that was really cool…our office Biggest Loser club asked me for some nutrition advice for their weight loss group.  I was so excited, but I am super nervous!  I made sue to let them know I am not an R.D. just well read and have ideals about food.  I think I am going to start but asking one thing each of them needs help with/ wants to know about.  I will add their questions to the blog, but keep the names anonymous.  Thoughts??  Tomorrow is the first weigh in, and they are paired in teams of two just like Biggest Loser!

FOOD! That’s amour!

005 Leftover spaghetti squash and sauce from last night.  Some juicy cantaloupe and a piece of whole wheat Anadama bread.  Like my water spotted paper towel.

006 Yummy parsley on top!

Right before leaving for the day I had the other half of my peanut butter pretzel Clif bar from yesterday and yep a seltzer.

007 When I got home it was time to get my run on!  I went for about a 9-10 mile run.  I still need to put it into  The first 5 miles were really hard.  My right leg was like a rock and not fluid.  I was kicking myself for not have a better pre run snack.  It seemed to work itself out on my second time around he hill.  Don’t worry, I slammed a spiced pear muffin and some coconut water.  There wasn’t even enough time for a picture.  It seemed to do the trick and I jumped in the shower.

**Note:  Why is there no new Top Chef tonight!!!****

I had shrimp, couscous and beans on the meal plan.  One problem, I thought I had white beans.  No worries I used pinto beans because they have a similar texture.  I used a recipe from Real Simple that involves lemon, parsley and onions with the other ingredients.

009 It came out nice and lemony, just the way I like it!

I also had a side salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and feta cheese with balsamic.  Salad plate portion sizes…too bad Nick is not as big a fan of beans as I am and I ended up killing his off 🙂

008 I was still hankering for something sweet so I went to the freezer for a minty treat.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and an earl grey tea.

010 Like the bite size pieces?  Isn’t everything better bite size?  I squished out the ice cream and licked it off around the edges just like old school ice cream sandwiches.

OK well no Top Chef tonight…grrrrr I guess that means early to bed for this girl!

Night All!


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