Car Eating = Kickball Night

Another kickball victory!  We are now 2-1 and everyone played well tonight.  I did not too bad myself :)  I got two hits and one run.  It was so chilly outside tonight!  Lows going into the 40s but it is supposed to be 77 while apple picking on Saturday!

Don’t forget to check out my 1/2 marathon BARCS support post.  Love to our four legged friends!


No Biggest Loser the office addition questions yet, but today was the first weigh in so people are ready to loose!

I needed a little snack before lunch today so I had a few almonds.

003 This allowed me to enjoy my lunch and not tackle it like Ray Lewis.

004 Salad with organic mixed greens, leftover couscous and pinto beans from last night, maters and hummus.  I also had some TJs light gouda (amazing cheese!) and a 1/4 of a cantaloupe.  My battery was dying so I could only take one picture of said lunch.

So can I just say I love getting out at 4!  This means that there will be some sort of day light always waiting for me when I leave the office even if it is only a sunset.

Before leaving for the day I had a chocolate raspberry explosion and seltzer.

005 Inside said cupcake.  It needs a little more raspberry flavor…maybe some frozen ones next time??

006 Like I said previously we had kickball tonight and eating in the car happened again.

I went with the Power House again from Wine Merchant.

007 Munster, lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppercorn dressing on WW bread.  I also had some dill pickle chips, YUM! And an Arnold Palmer.

008 I remember when this flavor came out through lays and this route 11 is 100000x better tasting!

Sissy and N time!

Night all.  Tomorrow is Friday!!!



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