Lara Let Down

My cat is insane!  She keeps leaping off the ground on all fours.  I wish I could get a picture of it but a snap photo really wouldn’t work so well.  So here is one of her sleeping.


I can’t believe one week from now I will be preparing for my 1/2 marathon!!!  Where did 12 weeks go???

Friday went down with only a few slight hitches during the day.  That seems to be the story of Fridays at my J-O-B.

The cold cereal bowl didn’t seem to hold me, mental again?

I had the last 😦 of my nature’s candy to hold me over.

004 And soon after came lunch!

005Salad with leftover 1/2 piece of almond crusted chicken, tomatoes and 2x hummus.  Last pear and LC wedge with the last of a box of TLCs.  Yes I did use the bag from the box to carry my crackers.  Why waste Tupperware or a bag?  Saving the planet here!

006 I had to apply my LC wedge with the end of my work because I forgot my knife, but hey it worked!

007 My snacks came two told today…


008 Last spiced pear muffin with seltzer.  Does anyone know what that symbol is????

The second 1/2 of my snack happened when I arrived home before going for my run.

I had heard so much about the PB&J Larabar that I saved it for last to taste.

009 First thing, someone tell me why the packaging is so much larger than the bar?  Second, I really think after trying 5 Larabars I have concluded they are not worth the money nor the high caloric value for the size.  I may be the only one that feels this way, but I honestly think I liked my own better and think I will continue to work on my recipes.  Thank you Larabar for sending me the samples, I really was happy to eat them and review, they just weren’t for me!

After my disappointing Larabar I went out for a run.  This is my second to last long run before the 1/2.  For some reason I wasn’t feeling it so I went with music.  The music ended up stressing me out so I turned of off after 2 songs and it settled into a MUCH better run!  I ended up doing 9 miles with two major hills.  10 miles Sunday and then it is Taper Week!

Nick went out to play poker tonight so I was free to make a non Nick approved meal!

010 BBQ tempeh!  Along with a large amount of broccoli with S&P.

012 I just warmed the tempeh in BBQ sauce and some spicy brown mustard.  It was actually pretty good at masking the fermented soy bean flavor it naturally has.

013 I also had a side salad with organic greens, last red pepper from the garden :(, tomatoes, cuc and feta.

I was craving something sweet after this dinner and I went for a Vitamuffin Pomegranate brownie with fresh pomegranate seeds! (Pain in the butt to get out and the red juice dyes…yeah I used one 1/2 and called it a day)

014 I love these little brownies!

Sissy and I are now just chillin on the couch and I am leaving the dishes for the AM!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Don’t forget to donate to the animals!


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