Gone Pickin’

Happy Apple Picking Day!

To start off the day I had bananas three ways.

001 banana and almond butter tortilla, banana and almond butter bite and rounding it out plain yogurt with banana and peak protein granola.

002 After breakfast I headed to the grocery store for some good old shopping fun!

Before leaving I played a little with Sicily.  Sorry for the butt shot!


This is her favorite toy.

So biggest thing about the grocery store was the pumpkin the FINNALY had!  I also got a bunch of squash!

011 How fall does that shelf look???

I am already making some pecan pumpkin bread and I had a flop with some pumpkin biscuits.

Before baking we went a pickin!

008 007


Me Picking some Empires.  I also really want an apple cider doughnut, but all they had were apple fritters.

004 I almost finished these and my body is screaming at me and I am craving veggies.  Guess what I will be having for dinner????  They were good and I don’t eat them every day!

006 009

Birds nest in the tree and one of the two apples I had to sample.  I think this was a Stamen?

They also had a bunch of pumpkins and gourds back at the barn (oh the reason why there are no pictures of Nick?  He was really anti pictures so I was just happen to have him come with me)

010 I felt like the witch in Snow White holding this gourd.  Doesn’t it look like an apple???

Lastly we picked out some pumpkins that are now sitting out on our balcony.

012 Giant stem!

Pumpkin bread coming out of the oven!

We are going downtown for a Birthday tonight so I’ll see ya tomorrow!  Let me know if you want some apples, I have 13lbs of them! 🙂


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