Starting to Load

So I talked to the vet about Sicily’s labs and they said she neither has worms nor a virus…uh ok so what is she cra**ing puddles??!?!  They told me to finish the antibiotics and we will see what happens.  If there is no change I have to take her back, and deal with more vet bills.  My biggest annoyance is that I still have to give her drugs for things she doesn’t have because it is bad to stop antibiotics in the middle encase there is a non aggressive strain or something like that.  So I thought, maybe it is her water?  Oh crap that is our water too!  So I washed out her water bowl and she is now drinking bottled h20.  What a snob 😉

Enough kitty talk.

We had a “pizza party” at work today so I have no pics of lunch but I had one veggie slice plus a salad of spinach greens, carrots and leftover Greek yogurt lemon dill dressing from last night.  I also had some cottage cheese with balsamic.  A few almonds were also had before heading down to pizza to be able to keep me from getting a second piece.

Before leaving from work I had another pumpkin, pecan raisin muffin.

004 Aw Boston friends in the background! Miss you guys!  Only 2/5 of us still are living in that wonderful, cold and windy city!

When I got home I went for a nice 3.5 mile run around the neighborhood and did some core work once I returned.  It is so weird only running 3 miles!  I feel like I have just started my run at that point and my legs have just started to turn over like a machine.

Tonight was also the first night of “carb loading” according to Runners World this should start 3 days prior to race so I embraced it. 

Italian Sausage Pasta.

005 Herbs from my garden pots, flat leaf parsley, basil and oregano.

I baked up some sweet italian sausages, mushrooms and a sweet potato that I par-baked from 4min in the micro.  While these cooked for about 15min I chopped up some artichoke hearts, roasted peppers and no salt added tomatoes and threw them in a skillet to simmer away with S&P.

006 All together I had 1 Italian sausage, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, mixed tortellini tomatoes, artichokes, peppers, herbs and a few good hunks of parm cheese.

008 007

Delicious!  I have made many versions on this dish before and this one was right up there as one of the best!

I also could not get pumpkin ice cream out of my mind, so I had a serving.

009 Man this stuff is so good!

I am watching rescue ink right now, it is about former bikers gone animal rescuers.  It is a pretty good show.  I like that they are saving animals, and you could too!  Thank you again to those who have contributed!

Top Chef tonight!

Have a good evening everyone!


One Comment on “Starting to Load”

  1. Katherine says:

    Boston misses you!!!!! Cant believe its down to just me and liz. Wish I could be there for race day, good vibes will be sent your way from now till I hear from you after!!! You will do great. love ya and miss you!!! Tell momma beans hellooooooo for me and give Sicily some loving.

    PS that pasta looks delishious.

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