Soggy Nuggets

Good Morning!  Happy two days until the 1/2 Marathon!  Momma will be here tomorrow, and the race will be here before I know it! Yikes!  Text message me 88509 during the race if you want to send some encouragement for me and all the other runners!

So what are you going to be for Halloween?  I have no idea, but I need to figure this out.  I was Hannah Montana last year, wig and all.

So for breakfast I went with another round of Kashi 7 nuggets, and for some reason they were not as delicious as yesterday?   I think they missed the apple.

001 Along with my nuggets I had some Kashi H2H, Bear Naked peak protein granola, banana and Peanut Butter &Co Cinnamon raisin swirl.

002 Chewy nuggets.  I could eat this PB out of the jar, and I might have done just that.

I will see you later tonight (maybe) we have a late kickball game and I want to get to bed ASAP!


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