Too Many Grains

I am so stuffed with sushi right now!  Carb loading night number two done.  I think my body is actually telling me I am eating too many.  I have been a little bloated all day so I am going to save my carbs until tomorrow’s dinner.

I forgot my to-go coffee this morning so I ended up getting a pear tea from a place in the bottom of my building.

003This place actually has healthy foods like pita hummus platters and honest teas.  Good to know incase I forget/don’t want to make one some day.  Those lists are my sushi order and my packing list for the 1/2 marathon.

The tea was a nice change from the normal day.

Then there was lunch.

004 tempeh on a whole wheat mini bagel 1/2 with cran-apple spread and 1/2 with almond butter.  I also had an amazing pineapple Chobani and pumpkin muffin.

005 I was going to make this into one sandwich, but ended up eating it in two to make lunch last just a bit longer and to get to back and forth between the two flavors.

about 4 hours later it was time for an international snack break.

006 When I returned home I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood with a to-go cup to tea.  I had originally planned on doing 2 miles, but my knee is not feeling 100% so I opted for a little fresh air along my normal running path.  I also took some pictures and observed nature along the way.


008 009 010 011

I made a little friend, took is some fallness, said hello to one of my hills and breathed.

When I got home it was time to head out for sushi to pick up with Nick!


Moonraker roll.


Spicy tuna hand roll.


Edamame made at home to save some $$$ and we also had a veggie roll and crabmeat roll to split.

Still so stuffed…we have kickball at 9 so I hope I don’t ralph all over the field.  We are playing the only team we lost to last season so it is a huge game!

I really need to chill on the carb loading…I think I am taking the idea a little too seriously…cannot forget the veggies!!!!

Heading out the door!  See ya in the AM!


One Comment on “Too Many Grains”

  1. Katherine says:

    Scary spider picture!!!


    I’ll be thinking about every mile and wishing I could run with you!

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