Post Half

I did it! 13.1 miles in, according to my watch, 1:55!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt good for most of the race and I was able to finish strong and under 2 hours, my goal!!!

This morning I started with a standard banana oatmeal and coffee.

001  Except they were special in a jar!  1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup h2o, 1 banana, tbs flax, handful of raisins and yummy almond butter all over!

I chugged this on the way down.

002 We started here…Ravens!

003I will write a full race recap when I get all of my mom’s pictures but here is a picture of me, Nick, Jen and Bryan after the race.

004 And I may have eaten a ton after the race!

006 I grabbed about 20 of these in every flavor.  Mini Larabars!!!!  I also had a banana, water and gatorade.

007 I have also had about 3 of these amoretto cookies that my mom got me from my favorite Italian cookie place! 🙂 best!

008 1/2 sandwich with sprouts, cheese and smoked turkey on a croissant that I split with my mom.  There were also chips and a pickle.  When I got home I took a long shower and had 1/2 and apple with some PB.

009 I also hung out with Sicily!

010 We have a dinner reservation at 6:45 tonight so I better get my sore legs moving!

Thank you again for everyone that supported my lovely furry friends!


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