Half Marathon Re-Cap


13.1 miles.

1 hour 55 min and 33 seconds.

Mom and I arrived before the marathon went off at 8am to make sure we got a parking space and didn’t get stressed out over something silly like parking.  We got a picture of my crossing the finish line before the marathon started, but mom’s camera was on zoom soooo just put these two pics together.

001 002

It was warm and sunny and the forecast was for rain showers early and then clearing up.  This did not happen…

We hungout and saw the tents until about 9am when we headed over to the race starting line.

I had to duck into the Hotel Continental for my 3rd potty break before the race.  I am so glad I was not one of the people who had to leave the race to use the port-o-john’s while running!?!?!  I would have peed on my leg!

Once we got to the starting line for wave 3 I put on my bib and hat.

005 006

I did lots of stretching and breathing.

007 008

I handed mom my stuff and we snapped a few more pictures…I was getting freaked out by this point and told my mom she had to leave…sorry mommy 🙂

009  011

I am glad she doesn’t listen to me and got some great shots!

012 013 014

Moving up to the starting line!  I just kept telling myself to breathe!!!!

015 016

And we were off!  I was feeling good starting off.  Weaving around people to try and get with others that were running my pace and trying to avoid the cones in the middle of the road.  During the first 3 miles I knew there were going to be 3 small hills.  These are what I had been training for and I powered through them.

At mile 3 we joined the marathoners and there was water stop number one, which I grabbed a gatorade and drank a few sips and got the rest all over myself.

Miles 3-6 were through some of the worst parts of Baltimore but there were police on every interaction and there were always tons of people around me.  I also tried to pick up my pace a bit because my first 2 miles were run at about 10min/miles, which is what I was looking for.  At mile six I had my first Gu packet of vanilla pudding, yum!  This definitely got me going with another jolt.  This was just in time for the climb that I had been dreading. 

I took another water break before hitting the hill.  It wasn’t bad at all!  When I got to the top around the lake I thought to myself, that’s it????  The only thing that really sucked about getting there was that the sunny skies had become grey and rain and wind were pounding down on me.  It was still pretty warm out so I knew I would be ok as long as I kept shaking my arms out.  I had trained for 3 months for this I wasn’t going to let a little rain stop me!  I smiled for the cameras, and cheered on other runners that were having trouble.  I loved that about the race.  Everyone was cheering for each other!  At about mile 8 they were handing out peanut M&Ms and I grabbed a few, sugar, fat and protein.

There were a few more hills after the lake, which I hadn’t remembered on the map, but I pushed through them!  Mile 8 I looked at my watch and saw that I had 48min to go 5miles if I were going to break my 2hour goal.  I knew I could do this!

I chugged along and at about mile 11 there were gummy bears being handed out.  There were so many along the road that I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s candy factory.  It put a smile on my face.  This was also where I knew I headed down hill into the city and reaching my personal distance record.  My legs were feeling it, but I knew I just had a few more miles left!

I lengthened my stride and popped my other Gu at mile 12 for a last burst.  I was passing people the whole way into the city.  It felt amazing.  I saw the 26mile marker for the marathon and knew that I just had .2 miles left!  I sprinted down Eutaw Street past Camden Yards and across the finish at Raven’s Way!!!!!  I did it!!!!!!017

The first thing I did was ask for my medal and grab a bottle of water and chugged it.  I also grabbed as many Larabars as I could fit in my hands.  I also had to find a banana and my mom!  I found a banana my mom and Nick outside the runners village.

 024 Momma got me a Ravens sweatshirt to keep me warm from the rain!

018 020

019 Jen did amazing!!!! 1:45!!!! She wanted to beat 1:50 so she did amazing! Congrats JenRen!  I got my banana 🙂

023 Over all it was a great day!  I was so happy my mom was able to be there for me, and that Nick showed up for the finish.  Jen and I were talking about other 1/2s in our future so look for us next year!!!!  Richmond is a month away so that might be a little close for me, but we will see.  It will also be really cold then.025

I also want to say thank you again to all who donated to my cause for the animals.  It really meant a lot to me and Sicily!

She says thank you!!!

005 004


2 Comments on “Half Marathon Re-Cap”

  1. BotheBoo says:

    great job hbooooooooo!!!! sub 2 hours 1st halfmara go girl!!!!

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