When Did It Become Winter?

Afternoon all!  Does it feel like it is going to snow anywhere else in the country today???  The sky is grey and there is a huge chill in the air.  I had to shut all the windows this morning and I am still chilly. Brrrrrr.  Why does 54 feel like 34???

I started off this morning was something to warm me.

002 2x pumpkin muffins zapped for 1min on high with almond milk, 1/4 cup Kashi H2H, 1/2 cup Go Lean Crunch!, 1 banana.

After breakfast I started to put the place back together after the weekend before taking Sicily to the vet.  We are trying a new food and running a more complete panel of tests.  She also got some probiotics, yogurt for kitties!  I have to bring the vet a sample once Sicily gives it up…maybe she is getting better!  Fingers crossed.

When we returned I gave her some new food and yogurt and I headed off to spin class and munched on this before leaving.  Mini Larabar from the race.


This was my first spin class at the new gym and it was hard!  I think my legs are still a bit dead from Saturday, but it was a nice 40min sweat followed by some arms and core work.  I am going to have to figure out a new workout schedule, but I know it will involve being inside more because I do not enjoy running in cold weather.

When I returned I really wanted to be able to go to the vet and then Target, but Sissy was not having it so I made up some lunch even though I wasn’t super hungry I knew that once I went out I would be at it was already 1:30.

008 Huge salad of CT lettuce, maters, cuc, broccoli and balsamic on my new plate!  I also had a small almond butter and jelly toasted and some grapes on the side.

OK well I am going to get some more cleaning and laundry done while waiting for Sicily.


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