Best Mom Ever!

I’m glad that I am finally full!  Today I seemed to be a bottomless pit after lunch and I had to control myself from going on a carb overload.

It all started with my lunch not being enough…but I am still not so sure why.

003 I had the remainder of my CT lettuce, wheat berry spinach and goat cheese from last night and carrots.  I also had a WW pita, which was amazing and chewy.  I also had a tub of grapes.

005 I then proceeded to eat the following.

009 009 (I know same pic but I had two pieces of Panera amazing WW baguette!)

010 This was lime so it turned me off from more taffy.

This seemed to told me for a bit…

And then I got a special delivery from my momma!

006 007

She already brought me orange lilies when she came down so I am keeping these at my desk for something nice to look at for the 8 hours I am chained to my cube!

008 After smelling the flowers I moved onto my regular sheduled snack…I was so ready to eat it I forgot to snap a pic until 1/2 way through.


I had planned to go to the gym on my way home, but my car temp said 68 and the sun was shinning.  I knew that soon I would not have the choice between running outside and the gym so I made a pack with myself to run outside until I started to hate running in the cold weather.  I did a 52min run, something over 5 miles.  I didn’t take a hill route, but I ended up running into a few anyway.  My legs felt strong and I was happy to be outside moving again.  When I got home I was so happy that I had made the choice to run outside rather then on the treadmill.

I had bought some grass fed organic beef this weekend, but after having a huge steak Saturday night I really was not feeling it for dinner but I knew Nick would love it.

012 Instead of beef I was really craving veggies and duh more carbs!

013 Roasted Brussel sprouts with EVOO spray S&P, and no that is not a ton of rice it is cauliflower mashness.  I cooked a head of the c-flower in the mirco then combined garden parsley, oregano, 1 tbs butter, S&P and a little skim in the KitchenAid.  Just a little reference, Nick had about 1/2 of what you see on my plate and there are 2 cups of leftovers.  One head makes a lot!

014 I also had some organic bread with cranberry apple chutney.

Biggest Loser is almost on and my sweet tooth is itching.  Is that the right phrase?  I am thinking of having some pumpkin ice cream 🙂

I hope everyone is have a great night!


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