Snack Fest

Welcome to Maryland, where it feels like New Hampshire!  It is so cold outside!  I am so happy I ran outside yesterday so I could be warm inside today!

Back it up a bit…

My second breakfast/snack as I mentioned was a mini WW bagel with chunky almond butter.

003 It looks so big in this picture!  I feel like to best determine if it is better for me to eat one large breakfast or two small would be to make one large breakfast and eat 1/2 at home and pack the second 1/2.  Maybe next week :)  There is always time to experiment!

I had quiet the enjoyable lunch of leftover latkes!!!

005 OK so the picture does not do these little guys justice!

004 2 latkes, whipped cottage cheese, carrot, grapes and more lime yogi dip.  Latkes were eaten with hands, maybe that is why they were better?

The afternoon moved on and into snack time!

006 007

Harry and David Pear my mom brought (dripping good) and some almonds.

I also dove into some pumpkin bread pudding when I got home…dessert before dinner, oh well.

008 So delicious!  I will be sad when all of this is gone.

After multi snack time I did 47min of yoga on demand.  Wow burning quads!!!  Some of those classes are so hard, but I felt so good afterwards.

Once yoga was complete I starting makin some dinner.  I gave Nick the option for Italian or Asian and he picked Italian.  This is what I went with.

009 Leftover cauliflower mash (Nick had barilla plus), sautéed onions, garlic, Portobello mushrooms, green beans, roasted red peppers, chili flakes, herbs, chicken and parm cheese.

010 House Hunters then The Office!

Night Everyone!!!!


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