Finally Friday!

So I think we have a winner for the split breakfast, or at least one to put on the list!  Loaded toast and then 1/2 plain Greek and granola.

004 003

Could it be the protein?

I feel like Fridays drag around the office and we always seem to have something urgent needed before close of business.  I was able to enjoy my lunch during a mini break.

006 Please excuse my plastic baggies :(  I feel so bad about having not 1 but 2!  I did bring the cracker one home to reuse.  It seems that Nick likes to hoard tupperwear under his desk in the office.

Anywho, in baggie number 1 we have cantaloupe pieces, and yes I was too lazy this AM to cut it off the rind.  When the cat wakes you up at 3AM there is no need to cut the rind.  In baggie number 2 we have kashi crackers and an LC wedge.

In the salad bowl we have mixed organic greens leftover cauliflower toper and some added maters and balsamic.

007 008 Pile O’ Rinds.

Due to the extremely blah, cold and wet weather I wanted a hot tea with my afternoon snackage.

009 Mint tea with my favorite bar aka Clig Mojo trail mix peanut butter pretzel.  These bars make me happy 🙂 Only 9 grams of sugar and 10g protein.  Perfect pre-gym snack.

Speaking of the gym…I did my own spin class today!  I had to desire to be on the ArcTrainer or elliptical for 45min so I decided to take what I knew about spin and run my own personal class.  It was awesome!  I kept my HR between 155-180 the whole time so that was a great thing for me to do.  After my session I did 15min on the treadmill arms and core.

I came home and made Nick a quick dinner then hit the showers and prepared one of my own.

010 Baked tofu in honey S&P (I really like this combo), roasted brussel love!  Pita with melty cheese.  I also had some extra cheese and kashi crackers while the tofu and sprouts were in the oven baking…maybe a little too much 😉

After dinner I couldn’t wait to finish off my pumpkin bread pudding.  Damn this stuff is good!

008Recycled picture but still just as delicious!

So my gym is closed this weekend for re-carpeting…I am not excited about this!  It is supposed to be 42 for a high and raining tomorrow…I can go to another branch that is kind of far away, suck it up and run outside or try and find something on demand…Running in bad weather remind me of Angela’s idea of project snow!  Maybe I will suck it up, but if it is pouring there is no way I am heading out there!

I am heading to bed early tonight and popping in a DVD with Sicily.  Nick is at poker night so it is just the two of us!

Night everyone! Yay weekend!


One Comment on “Finally Friday!”

  1. Moma Beans says:


    Breakfast looks yummy…have to find a place with large Greek yogurt…seeing the cantalope rinds reminds me of Tuscany..and you and Ann feeding the turtle, Alzato. Love, Moma Beans

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