Loaded Toast

39?!?!?! 39?!?!! Is it December???  Why is it sooooo cold and rainy right now.  I moved to MD to get away from this weather in Boston!

Another annoyance…Sicily…she does not understand that humans sleep at night, not throughout the day.  She started waking me up around 3AM and did stop until I got up and fed her around 4.  She came back to bed, but was less bothersome.  I need to figure out a plan for her not to keep waking us up!  I can’t keep loosing sleep!

OK so I am a bit of a Debbie Downer, I think it is the weather.

Part Uno of breakfast!

001 Organic flour bread, 1/2 naner, crunchy almond butter, fruit preserve and flax.

All together now!

002 Loaded toast!

003 First bite of yum!  I love AB&J with banana!  I need to make them in a panini again.

I’ve got yogurt and nola for my 2nd half breakfast.

Tomorrow I am making a delicious seasonal LARGE breakfast!  What else are Saturday mornings for??

Happy Friday Everyone!


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