A Few Too Many

Yikes, last night got a little out of control, but it was fun and a good time to splurge.  It was Nick’s Mom’s birthday dinner at Libratore’s and that usually involves bottles of wine.

Before we getting to dinner I still have the beginning of my day…

I ended up finding out that the gym was going to be open until 4 so I got down there around 10 to do 20min hill on the t-mill, 10min 10 incline at 4, 20min 1 incline at a 7mph.  I also did some core work and push ups before leaving.

The weather was/is still really gross around here (I saw SNOW on cars at Trader Joe’s this morning!!!) all I wanted was grilled cheese and tomato soup.

001 I spilt a can of Amy’s low sodium tomato soup with Nick and made toasted grilled cheeses with mustard and roasted red peppers on an Arnold Thin.  I also had 2 sandwich pickles and some Sun Chips x3?

002 Mmmm cheesy.  I would rather have more cheese and toast it rather than pan grill in butter.

I also had an Adore disk for some chocolate!

003 Around 5:30 Nick’s mom and step dad came over for a drink before dinner.  I had some goat cheese and mixed nuts set, but I was still pretty full from lunch and I knew lots of food and drink was to come.

Dinner was fun, lots of wedding talk for Nick’s sister.  Nick and Wally wanted to kill themselves 🙂

I got the lemon salad to start.  Now I love lemon, but there was just a little too much lemon on there even for me!  I was really tasty so I was upset that I couldn’t finish it.

For my main course I got the linguini with white clam sauce.  One of my favorite light dishes!

I split a bottle of not the best Chianti with Nick and Wally, had some pumpkin cake, an Irish coffee and a pear vodka and soda.

You think that was all??? Nope…I must say when Nick and I got home we played some mortal kombat (I got creamed) and I also ate a ton of Kashi crackers, mixed nuts from earlier and we split the last serving of pumpkin ice cream…yep we had been drinking!

Overall it was a fun night with good people.  What more could you ask for?



The Raven’s have a huge hard game today… fingers crossed!

When I woke up I had no idea what I wanted but I had 1 egg taking up a lot of room in the fridge with its carton.  So I had a two sided breakfast on toast.

004 On one side organic flax bread, 1 egg microwaved with hot sauce.  Other side with almond butter, jam and naner.

005 006

Hot sauce that would make GDW proud!

I am making the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Coconut bars that I saw Krista Make.

Here are the ingredients and I will let you know how they tastes with dinner!


GO Raven’s!!!!


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