Sidewalks Wanted

Ugh our neighbors are having some sort of dance party on a week night, what?


Another Monday bites the dust!  It was a pretty uneventful day around here except the sun was shining for the first time in almost a week!  I was so excited to run outside this afternoon!  But first I had to get through the day!

My oat bran held me over well and I had my snack of 1/4 of my giant honey crisp.  I still have 1/2 the apple left!

012 007

Then don’t ya know it was lunch time!

013 Kind of ugly eats, but tasted oh so good!  Leftover wild rice soup and cantaloupe with bear naked granola.

014 Simple and heart warming flavors.  Perfect on a fall day.

Tick, tick, tick…yep it’s Monday…

I had few snacks to get me home.

015 Mini Cashew cookie Larabar and seltzer.  I actually liked this bar, but it was so greasy and I could make one on my own.  I keep saying it but I need to get back on the homemade Larabar bus ASAP, and where are my oat rounds???

My next snack was a small square of pumpkin chocolate chip bar that I brought in for the office.  People really seemed to enjoy them!

016 And before heading out the door I grabbed a few almonds.

017 Now my run…I decided I was going on a long one!  I mapped it out and was set for an 8 miler.  Around mile 4 I realized that I would be running a lot of hills with no sidewalks!  It was a bit scary coming around those corners.  I think MapMyRun should have a sidewalk button!  Lets just say I won’t be running that route again!  People need to slow down…there was so much road kill to avoid.  Yuck!

At least I had a delicious dinner planned!


Chicken breast with pesto, lemon and EVOO baked.  I also threw in some southern greens in lemon and seasoning salts with some maters for 10min.  Lastly I had 1/2 of a WW bulky roll with goat cheese.  Nick was no a fan of the greens, they are a bit bitter, but that means leftovers for my lunch.  He said it was the tomatoes.  He doesn’t like warm tomatoes? Ya I don’t know.

Now I am watching Unwrapped fall flavors, there is some nasty stuff being massed produced!  I am also enjoying a lovely vitabrownie!

020 Fudgy!

Time to brush the teeth and hit the hay!  Time to do it all over again tomorrow!


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