Stuffed Like A Turkey on Thanksgiving!

Wow I am pooped!  Today wasn’t even that crazy.  I think it may have to do with my allergies and how stuffed I feel after dinner!  I would climb into bed right now, but Biggest Loser is on and Nick is watching The Wire on the bedroom TV.

So because of my poopy state I am going to make this sort of a quick one.

003 004

Morning Snacks.  1/4 giant honeycrisp apple and almonds.

005 Lunch was a huge delicious salad and pita with hummus for dipping.

006 In the salad:  mixed lettuce, spinach, carrots, cucs, celery, leftover greens and tomatoes, snap peas and balsamic with mustard dressing.

007 Sweet end!  So glad to have these back in my life!

******Phone, type, phone type******

008 I bet you can’t guess what that is?  Clif Mojo  PB pretzel maybe???? Oh yeah!

009 The worst part of snack time…the last bite 😦


I had planned on doing another 8 mile run on sidewalks only.  Around mile 3 my quad told me otherwise.  It wasn’t hurting, but not feel the best.  I decided to listen to my body and cut down my run to 6.5.  It was not the best run even, but my last 1.5 miles felt really good.  I tried to push myself a little extra while I was feeling good.  With my extra time I did some core work and pushup before throwing dinner in the oven and hitting the showers.


Good old loin de pork was on the menu.  Marinated in red wine and grill Mrs. Dash grill seasonings.  I like using Mrs. Dash because A) it is one of my only memories of my grandfather and b) there is no salt added.

010 I wasn’t feeling a ton of meat tonight so I made up some tofu he same way as the pork and had one small piece of meat with 3 pieces of tofu.  I also had 1/2 of a sweet potato (yes that is 1/2!!!!) and onions, mushrooms and spinach sautéed in veggie broth and herbs.  I think my sleepiness is due to my potato…

011 No need for dessert tonight!  Sicily is already dipping out.

012 I am going to try and get Nick to turn off The Wire and let me watch Biggest Loser in bed…where is Dina’s family???  She has 2 people greet her???  And Shay only has her husband and 2 step sons????  Very odd to me.

Have a great night!!!!!


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