Bulk, Bulk-y Roll

Good Morning!  Welcome Wednesday!  Does this week seem really long to anyone else?  I think it is the ever changing weather and my allergies, but anyone else feeling like it is only Monday?

I had been thinking about this breakfast yesterday on my run.  It was a big one.  I wanted a WW bulky roll and pumpkin butter, but I made it so much more than that!

001 WW bulky roll (I like saying bulky roll 🙂 ) On both sides we have pumpkin butter, Nature’s Path flax flakes and banana.  The switch happens with one having plain Okios and the other having almond butter!  AB+PB hands down was better.  The yogurt and PB was a little too sweet???

002 I did totally enjoy the chewy and crispy bulky roll!

Nick and I are double dating? to go see Where the Wild Things are tonight and I have read mixed review.  I will let you know how it does.  We may be sneaking in to see teh Gerard Butler movie instead.  Hubba Hubba 😉

Have a Sunny Day!


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