Wild Things

No not that movie!

W went to see “Where the Wild Things Are” tonight.  Lets just say I would not let my child see it if they were under the age of 10.  It moved slowly at times and got really violent!  I did not enjoy it.  I think I liked the illustration the most about the book.  It was a little to artsy for me?

I am beat so here is the rest of my day in a nut shell, I’m in a nut shell!

003 Prunes, ounce for ounce better than apples!  Had about 5 around 10:30.

004 005

Sweet potato, tofu, spinach and guac on a WW wrap.  Cottage cheese with a balsamic river and a pear.

Snack was interrupted by a visitor so I forgot to take a picture…but it was a classic apple slices and PB cinnamon raisin swirl.  I am thinking of having ants on a long tomorrow, and I am really excited about it!

I did remember my Adora disk right before I was leaving!

006 After work I went to Target to try and find some things for my Halloween costume, cat litter and birthday cards.  Leggings are $5 in all colors, but of course they did not have my size!  I might try looking at home this weekend.

I rushed home and packed up some dinner to take with us…while packing I had a handful of granola (damn Bear Naked for being so moist and delicious! and some sun chips garden salsa flavor).

Wait hold the phone…when I came to the door I had a present from mommy!

007 Woohoo!  Guess what I am having for breakfast tomorrow morning???  Thanks mom!!!

Back to the food…

008 leftover BBQ lentil meatloaves from a while back, pita to be stuffed, veggies for dipping in yogurt lemon sauce, animal crackers that were supposed to be split with Nick, but he said no and I happily gobbled them down.

Now we are watching the Wire and hittin the hay!

Night all!!


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